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Facts about me

Since becoming a mami to my twin girls, ‘me’ has become someone totally new who I am still figuring out to be honest. Now the girls are 2.5 years old I think my favourite thing is just to listen to them chat and watch them discover the world, gaining confidence each day. Bike rides are rare these days without a trailer in tow, and coffee shop visits are much more chaotic! I still love to escape into playing epic romance pieces on the piano when I have a moment.

Favourite book I read recently: Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens

Chris and I used to take ‘off the grid’ holidays in Europe, staying in yurts with hot tubs, or in caves with fireplaces. That’s all changed now, but it is so fun watching the girls experience the wider world visiting family in the UK and France.

Favourite place we visited recently: Caseneuve Provence, France

Being based in Spalt, North Bavaria, Germany we are close to Nürnberg and Munich, and well positioned to travel in Europe and the UK.

Facts about you

You are likely here because you’ve recently got engaged (congratulations!) and are making a start on what may currently seem like a rather daunting task; the planning. Maybe you don’t know yet what kind of wedding you would like to have, but you know you want it to be relaxed and special, and documented beautifully by someone you’re going to get along with!

You probably have lots of creative ideas and aren’t one to take the traditional route, and at the moment you just know that you want to marry your favourite person in a cool place and to share the moment with your favourite people, and good food (of course!). Or maybe you want to skip the big wedding altogether and elope, which would be totally fine by me!

I can’t wait to hear what ideas you have, please send me a message!