My approach

I want to provide for you a run through of how I approach your wedding day. This is of course a generalisation as every wedding is different, and I love to hear new ideas from couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a totally unique way!

My photography could be described as documentary, natural, or storytelling, with an artistic edge. I believe though you are first and foremost looking for someone who’s perspective you trust to provide for you lasting memories of the feelings, sounds and moments of the day.

Even before the wedding day begins I will arrange a video chat or to meet with you to discuss your plans, and then help you along the way to make sure your photography is well timetabled in order for you to have a stress free day, and confidence that all the important bits will be captured.

On the day I usually arrive early to get some shots of the location, the weather, and the getting ready details to give the day some context. I keep mostly out the way until you are almost ready, not giving any direction, just documenting this unique time. If I do direct it would only be to reposition you in terms of the light.

If your partner is close by I will also run over and catch a few moments with them if they’re into it! They are after all half of the story.

TIP: If you’re not getting ready at home, have you looked on Airbnb for some cool places for you both to get ready? Hotel rooms don’t often have the best light, or the most inspired Dekor. Perhaps you can find somewhere that suits your personality!

TIP: Leave enough time! Time for last minute adjustments or a last minute glass of champagne, More than you think you will need as there is always something on this day that doesn’t quite go to plan!

IDEA: Why not get ready together and share in the anticipation!

Depending on how you imagine the morning of your wedding, maybe you would like to see each other privately before the ceremony for a ‘first look’. I love to capture this moment. As well as giving you some space to breathe and take it all in, this also frees up the morning a bit more enabling us to do some family photos before the ceremony too if you like, and give you more time to celebrate afterwards!

hochzeitsfotograf Nürnberg

Wherever you decide to put your couple shoot, before or after the ceremony; I usually take just 30 minutes with you to a beautiful spot somewhere close by that I have picked out and agreed with you previously. This is really the only time during the day that you have alone together so I encourage you to make the most of it and enjoy the moment! I treat these mini sessions just like a ‘wander off’ really, reading the vibe I will offer direction only when needed.

TIP: Often in the summer it is a great idea to add a quick 15 minute portrait session in the evening in between courses at dinner, so that we can make the most of the beautiful sunset light while your guests are all happy chatting.

Fembohaus wedding photography NürnbergDuring the ceremony I just let events take their course and I don’t interfere. I am as discreet as possible, and although I like to be able to get close a few times, I try not to cause any distraction. I make sure I know what the order of events are.

After the ceremony, if you haven’t seen each other beforehand, this is usually a good time to get the timeless tradition of family/group photos done while everyone is still in one place. This need only take 20 minutes since I make sure we are well prepared in advance with a list.

TIP: I recommend around 8 combinations for 20 minutes, and I usually ask for the help of a best man or bridesmaid to round people up for me. The longer the list of formal portraits, the less time there will be for free mingling, and for me to get candid shots, so prioritise what you prefer!

Celebration time! I love the American way of calling this ‘cocktail hour’, where you have finished the formalities and are making the most of the time you have with your best people, and if this is with a Gin and Tonic or a Caipirinha in hand, the more the better! I look for moments, emotions and the context of the day at this time.

During Dinner I am grateful if I can be included as one of your guests. After a very physical 8-10 hour day plus travel, if I can eat at the same time as you I will be ready and fueled up for the speeches and sunset photos without having to complicate the scheduling. I also love to chat to your cousins, friends and aunties to hear the backstories! :) and no-one likes having their photo taken when they are eating in my experience.

TIP: Until I get onto the dancefloor I very rarely use flash, preferring to find where the natural light falls, as it drastically changes the mood of the photos and is quite obtrusive. I am used to working in difficult lighting conditions, but please consider the lighting when booking a venue if you expect the dinner and speeches will go into the evening. Try also to stay away from colourful LED lighting, as this blanket of colour dictates the feel too.

France destination wedding photographyTime for dancing! I love getting creative with my flash on the dance floor and ducking in and out to catch some shapes. I usually stay for 30 minutes or so after the first dance.

What I deliver/the look

I will likely take around 3000 photos on a full wedding day. Once I have them back home and backed-up on various hard drives I will work on curating for you a more manageable 500 photos that will give you a full narrative of the day. They will all be individually edited for framing, colour, exposure and contrast to match my style, and about 10-15% will be black and white.

More information regarding the final photos can be found in my FAQ

If this sounds like what you were hoping to find in a wedding photographer, please get in touch and tell me all about your plans! I would love to hear from you.


The main focus of my work will always be to make sure you are happy and that you will be happy with the final result of your photos. When it comes to your wedding day, you will have likely booked me because you love my work and recognise the way I capture emotions and moments around me. So please trust me if I come up with some silly suggestions and allow me to be creative so I can fulfil my promise to you.